Powder Coating

Functional and Durable Paint

Powder coating is a dry paint finishing process that offers similar—but much sleeker— results as traditional liquid paint. 

Powder coating is tough, cost effective and superior to most liquid coatings. It is resistant to chipping, peeling, cracking, abrasion, corrosion, and chemical degrading. Powder coating also adheres better than conventional paint does, with superior weatherability. There is wide variety of colors and textures and it easy to clean and maintain.

Powder Coat Painting Is a “green technology” and is safer than wet paint applications. Most wet paints have solvents that are harmful to the environment. However, powder coat paint is a solvent-free powder that is applied electrostatically. This powder coating process creates very little waste, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional liquid paints.

We provide “hands-on” custom painting.

All metal is prepared before powder coating is done.

Prep work (masking, sand blasting) is done in house in order to expedite delivery.
We use industry standard equipment and paint.
We provide a wide variety of paints to choose from (color, gloss level, texture, etc.)